The Bedorf Prince Team's continuous efforts to engage and adapt new technology is one of the things that sets them apart from the pack. Having great pictures isn't enough anymore to get the attention your home deserves. One of the tools in our tool belt is Matterport. It's a 3D imaging program that allows buyers to tour your home at any time from anywhere right from their computer or smart phone. Watch the tutorial below or check out our listing at 

1018 Wansford Rd in Mechanicsburg.


At the same time  your home is being 3D Mapped,  our photographer (360 Tour Designs) will also be taking wide angle HD pictures.

Paid advertising on Facebook helps put our listings in front of as many potential buyers as possible. The post below reached 3,020 people, Advertising on Facebook makes sure that no stone is left unturned when searching for a buyer.

Wise Agent is the transaction management software we use to monitor the progress of each listing and sale. It allows us to ensure that every "t" is crossed and "i" is dotted. Wise Agent helps our clients in a variety of ways. Every transaction has its' own check list with everything that has to be done between listing the home and settlement. This is also where we store all of your documents. 

Using Wise Agent Fusion, you will have access to both the documents and to the check lists so you'll be able to see what has been done and what is coming next. We will also be sending you emails as well as calling you to explain each step of the process. All of this combined allows us to create for  you a smooth purchase or sale of a home.

How are showings scheduled? - We use a 3rd party showing service - - to help coordinate all showings on your property.  Agents have the option of either requesting showings online or calling a 1-800#.  All showings are logged so that we have accurate records of date, time & agent info.